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MasterCard Mobile World Congress




To help position MasterCard as a technology company, the leading financial services company decided to build a custom double-deck trade show booth which delivered priceless experiences to their guests at Mobile World Congress.




Each year at MWC, MasterCard embraces a variety of unique demos and engagements in support of their current releases and developments. Upon entering the large 14m x 16m booth, these custom-built demos become the focal point of the front half of the booth with features such as the Seamless Shopping display and soccer field or the back-to-back Connected Travel & Smart Home displays. Moving further into the booth, attendees find themselves in a beautiful lounge area where they can relax and enjoy a refreshment from the hospitality bar or check-in to their private meeting. If attendees do in fact have a scheduled meeting, they would be led upstairs to one of the private meeting rooms.