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In honour of the 30th anniversary of the iconic Air Max sneaker, Nike produced a museum exhibit-on-wheels that travelled around the Greater Toronto Area and featured 30 of the most iconic Air Max releases.


The custom charter bus was outfitted to give the space a retro vibe—reminiscent of the original 1987 Air Max shoebox.


To gain access to the bus, guests needed to first check out the full schedule of ‘stops’ around Toronto to decide where they would intercept the mobile exhibit. Each location was strategically chosen based around popular sneaker shops around Toronto and always drew a long queue of eager sneakerheads waiting to get into the bus. Once inside the bus, guests were immersed into the world of Air Max where they could explore the history of the sneaker through an augmented reality iPad experience that was paired with the 30 iconic releases on display. Dynamic content was served up to consumers as they slid the iPads over each featured sneaker. As the bus travelled to different locations around Toronto, guests were given the exclusive chance at winning some of the most popular designs and tickets to an exclusive SNEAKeasy event through a custom gumball type vending machine installed inside the bus.