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In celebration of the NBA All-Star Weekend and the release of the new flyknit technology, Nike created an exclusive mobile retail experience on the streets of Toronto.


The entire experience involved three distinct stages: a SNKRS XPRESS check-in station, a premium streetcar journey—dubbed the SNKRS XPRESS, and the final retail station where guests can pick up the exclusive merch they had the option to purchase on the streetcar.


Firstly, guests were required to register for exclusive access to the experience online before visiting the space. Once registered successfully, the guests would arrive at the check-in station to receive their boarding pass and have their photo taken (which was uploaded to the iPads installed in the seats on the streetcar) so when they boarded there was a personalized experience ready for each guest.

Inside the check-in station, guests were presented with a range of new and iconic products on a custom infinity mirror display along with Jason Markk sneaker-cleaning thrones.

Next, the SNKRS XPRESS arrived to pick up the next group of sneakerheads to take them on a loop through downtown Toronto. Inside the SNKRS XPRESS, guests each sat in a VIP leather seat which included an iPad for everyone to browse and purchase new products or play basketball-themed games. Throughout the SNKRS XPRESS were custom product displays of iconic shoes such as the Air Jordan XI, Maya Moore All Star, and Kobe V Chaos. As guests made their way to the very back of the streetcar, they found themselves in a sleek floor-to-ceiling product display showcasing even more iconic sneakers such as the legendary Air Jordan XII that Michael Jordan actually wore during the historic ‘Flu Game’.

After the streetcar trip was complete, guests were dropped at a final pickup station where they could pick up products that they purchased from the iPads at their seats.




In celebration of the new FlyKnit Air Force 1 sneaker, Nike created a retrospective pop-up retail experience for Toronto at sneaker shop Livestock.


The retail experience was part history lesson and part exposition on the current state of the Air Force 1.


The space showcased an ‘Instagrammable’ artifact feature wall, Toronto cityscape, and an impressive array of historic Air Force 1 releases brought straight from the Department of Nike Archives.

Centered around the release of the FlyKnit Air Force 1, customers were given exclusive access to a range of new Air Force 1 sneakers and Nike apparel on display throughout the store. In celebration of the NBA All-Star Game happening later that week, Nike and Livestock paid homage to Toronto’s basketball community through a 3D cityscape display featured in the middle of the space. Further into the space, customers were presented with a one-of-a-kind social media opportunity to share the artifact wall as a selfie or just a cool photo.




Located in a small unassuming building in downtown Toronto, the ‘secret’ Nike Loft played host to VIP events, media broadcasts, and public visitors.


In conjunction with a number of other activations throughout Toronto that Nike created during the All-Star Game, Nike outfitted their permanent loft space as an upscale retail environment to showcase NIKEiD capabilities, SNKR Services by Jason Markk and custom ‘Stars Of The Vault’ products.


During the day, public visitors were welcome into the space to explore some of the previously released basketball shoes on display as well as the unique customization capabilities made possible with NIKEiD. NIKEiD stations were located throughout the space where visitors could actually run through the customization experience with the guidance of a Nike staff member and even order a new pair of custom Nikes right from the demo station. The rear of the loft was dedicated to the Jason Markk SNKR Services Thrones where visitors had the chance to have their sneakers professionally cleaned from the comfort of their very own throne.