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This paragraph is where we can describe our relationship with this particular client. We'll describe all the the different services we provide for them, how long we've worked together as well as goals for the future. 



Nike worked directly with ASTOUND to develop the creative strategy, design, and fabrication details for the launch activation of a new running shoe targeted at those who already run to stay fit, but don’t love running. The new Joyride running show was created with technology that makes the run feel easy and enjoyable.


After being intercepted during their shopping trip by our bright, bold design they were met by our staff and asked if they would like to try the new sneaker – and if they did try it they would get a tasty reward: cookies, donuts or Dippin’ Dots.


The trial was designed to make running fun, with a carnival theme and a 60-second custom game where they raced to unlock their rewards. We even went as far as to customize the treadmills to ensure every part of the experience was focused on joy more than running. Once they completed the trial, a ticket popped out of the wall that directed them to a nearby store to redeem their prize.