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NikeiD Loft




In conjunction with a number of other activations throughout Toronto that Nike created during the All-Star Game, Nike outfitted their permanent loft space as an upscale retail environment to showcase NIKEiD capabilities, SNKR Services by Jason Markk and custom ‘Stars Of The Vault’ products. 




Located in a small unassuming building in downtown Toronto, the ‘secret’ Nike Loft played host to VIP events, media broadcasts, and public visitors. During the day, public visitors were welcome into the space to explore some of the previously released basketball shoes on display as well as the unique customization capabilities made possible with NIKEiD. NIKEiD stations were located throughout the space where visitors could actually run through the customization experience with the guidance of a Nike staff member and even order a new pair of custom Nikes right from the demo station. The rear of the loft was dedicated to the Jason Markk SNKR Services Thrones where visitors had the chance to have their sneakers professionally cleaned from the comfort of their very own throne.