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Nike Women San Francisco Half Marathon




Nike's existing retail store in San Francisco was temporarily outfitted to promote the upcoming Nike Women's San Francisco Half Marathon and serve as a meeting point for participants. In addition to the Half Marathon, the temporary takeover of NikeTownSF also showcased several new products that customers could test out in-store using custom treadmill stations. 



The 5-story retail store received a series of branded activation zones that allowed customers to explore, test, and fit a vast selection of Nike products. From the exterior, participants of the marathon were glorified through the array of names on display across the windows of the store. Four custom treadmill stations were installed for customers to give their new shoes a “trial run” within the store before actually purchasing anything. The top floor was dedicated to information regarding the marathon—a full-wall graphic with an offset LED course map for participants to study. Each floor also included action mannequins showcasing various new products for sale.