Nintendo MALL TOUR



ASTOUND was approached by video gaming pioneer, Nintendo, and agency partner, We The Collective, to engineer, build and install an interactive and eye-catching kiosk in order to test the appetite of the Canadian market for the possibility of an all Nintendo store.

The engineering of the semi-permanent structure maintained a healthy balance between movable and sturdy parts - individual sections were all structurally secure and easy to move independently. 


The solution was approached with smart, lightweight, and space-efficient considerations in mind in order to keep cost and labor to a minimum, while still providing ample space for product storage and cable management.

The under-lit product cubbies on the outside of the kiosk were quick to catch the eyes of passersby. The custom Wii U tower, which showcased products and demos on one side and branded Nintendo product displays on the inside, also established strong visibility to draw visitors interest from a distance.