Old Spice Super Bowl EXPERIENCE



To kick off Super Bowl LIV, we collaborated with Old Spice to develop the Old Spice Clubhouse, an exclusive, smooth experience featuring various NFL athletes and celebrities like: Saquon Barkley, Christian McCaffrey, Dana White, Jorge Masvidal and Gary Vaynerchuk. The experience allowed fans to meet and greet their favorite NFL stars which included tones of pictures!

This activation marked the launch of a new product campaign - “Smell Like a Man Man,” to raise awareness to for Old Spice Ultra Smooth.

Media Coverage:
NY Post


Throughout the day there were press interviews, shareable moments, and meetings in the Old Spice Club House.  While open to the general public, fans formed a line outside of the space for a chance to meet their favorite player while Brand Ambassadors handed out full size products for trial.

Once inside the space, fans received an autograph on Old Spice products or their favorite piece of memorabilia. They were also met by a large replica horse from the famous Old Spice commercials was found in the waiting area for fans to climb on and pose with for photos. After posing for a photo, they exited the space and into the rest of the Media Center.  

ASTOUND was responsible for the creative strategy, design, fabrication, I&D, staffing and execution of the complete experience.