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Organic Valley NPEW



Organic Valley was eager to create an interactive activation piece that would bring consumers, retailers, and general attendees visibility into the farmers and farms who put their blood, sweat, and tears into each day to produce the organic products. In the past, Organic Valley has offered Virtual Tours of the farms along with raw footage videos, but they wanted to offer the audience something more real-time and interactive than before.




ASTOUND worked directly with Organic Valley and STAMM Media to determine how we could replicate a FaceTime application between the farms and the attendees on the show floor. After rounds of testing the custom ‘FarmerTime’ app from actual convention centers and real farmers’ fields, the team was able to determine what equipment was needed to ensure the best possible connection between remote farms and crowded expo halls. Inside the physical booth space, some of Organic Valley’s very own organic farmers were present to help facilitate the interactions between the farmers on-screen and the attendees – prompting questions and leading engagements.


PLATINUM WINNER: Best Stand at an Agriculture Event
World Exhibition Stand Awards 2020

SIZZLE AWARD: Traffic Builder
Exhibitor Magazine 2019