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To launch the all new 2012 Porsche 911 to media outlets of the world, Porsche AG transformed a 40,000 square-foot airplane hangar into a fully branded Porsche experience—complete with a media lounge, sound stage and custom designed road course.



Media contacts from around the world received exclusive invitations to attend the launch event hosted in sunny California, where they got a first-hand look at the all-new Porsche 911. The exterior space served as a display of the new 911 models along with older historic models. Inside the airplane hangar, guests were immersed in an all-around Porsche environment which featured lively, elegant graphics and sleek contemporary furnishings to tie everything back to the Porsche brand. The presentation stage featured a rotating platform to display all angles of the high-performance sports car through the duration of the presentations, while the interior workings of the vehicle were projection mapped onto the exterior.