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Partnering up with Schneider Electric, ASTOUND provided a turnkey solution to their facility branding from design to production and installation at the client's new facilities throughout North and Central America.


We worked with the Schneider Electric Real Estate teams to transform their facilities. The Real Estate team has been on a pathway to create the “workplace of the future” for its employees and see the communication of the corporate marketing message to visitors and employees as a key to their success.


Visitors would be either clients or partners and would have a more limited experience than that of employees. Visitors would check-in at registration and normally be given a tour that ends in a conference room. Innovation Hubs, which are always very customer-facing, are being phased into multiple facilities. The employee experience dives deeper into the facility, i.e. workstations, breakrooms, and public facilities, where we can bring into the marketing mix the local culture and hallmarks of each facility.