We helped Shopify opened their first-ever retail community store in the heart of ROW in Downtown LA. Here merchants are given a space to gather for inspiration, community, education and support for making the most of Shopify products. This space includes a variety of specified zones intended for various activities such as: 1:1 Guru Appointment Area, Retail Consultations, Educational Classes & Workshops, Community Events, and Merchant Showcase Area.


Depending on the progress and nature of the merchants’ ecommerce solution, Shopify offered a variety of touch points and areas for each merchant to hone their skills and understanding of the Shopify ecosystem. The brick-and-mortar space allows merchants to book one-on-one appointments with Shopify’s very own retail consultants. These sessions help them learn through demonstrations and discussions, or participation in group workshops and education sessions from the comfort of the custom presentation space. Shopify also integrated a rotating experience – dubbed the Merchant Showcase Area – that provides brand and networking opportunities for local business owners to showcase their products.