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Spotify Playlist Live is an annual event aimed to raise awareness and consideration of Anchor by Spotify as the go-to podcasting platform for mid-tier independent creators as well as Spotify’s video podcasting capabilities. ASTOUND was brought in as the exclusive agency partner to bring this event to life for the guest list of influencers, podcasters, and content creators alike.


As the sole agency partner, ASTOUND provided ongoing support for creative ideation, design, digital integration, custom fabrication, install and dismantle, and execution and management of the entire event. ASTOUND’s in-house digital team developed a digital immersive experience—dubbed the Voice Aura Analyzer—which allowed creators to record their voice and submit it for analyzation before providing them with an analysis of their podcast ‘voice aura’ along with the category of podcast their voice would be best suited for. Participants were also encouraged to share their ‘voice aura selfie’ on social media. The Podcast Fortune Room was a full podcast room where creators could speak to a podcast fortune teller to understand what their podcast theme could be. Participants walked away with the resulting theme and clips of the podcast were emailed to them after the event for social sharing.

  • 300 tote bags distributed
  • 27 Podcast Room participants
  • Voice Aura Activation results: 138 Total

○ Saturday: 83

○ Sunday: 55


  • Podcast Categories:

○ True Crime: 8

○ Mental Health: 22

○ Comedy: 29

○ Celebrity: 12

○ Paranormal: 30

○ Gossip: 34

○ ASMR: 3