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This paragraph is where we can describe our relationship with this particular client. We'll describe all the the different services we provide for them, how long we've worked together as well as goals for the future. 




Sunbelt Rentals has an elaborate and extensive portable program that they need to integrate assets into larger configurations when needed. Assets need to be clean, polished and work well when integrated into the different footprints. With over 500 shows each year this challenge would need to be addressed with preparation and organization.


The biggest challenge with the Sunbelt Rentals program was the sheer volume of events that they participate in annually. With over 500 shows to attend each year, there were many shows that overlapped which required similar or identical assets. This meant that their portable trade show program required a robust catalog of custom rental assets and demo options to allow for a variety of multiple booth configurations at any given time. In addition to the strategic and modular design approach, ASTOUND's proprietary asset management portal was a key tool in coordinating and tracking all the assets as they traveled from show to show.


Visitors would be first engaged by the Sunbelt floor representatives and immediately notice the open floorplan allowing for entrance and movement within the space. As the visitor engages in conversation, there is large and clear branding and messaging. With an open perimeter, visitors notice the flow of the space and ease to move and engage the different divisions within the organization.